“TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG” Official IJF World Veterans Judo Championships welcome song.

19 June 2022

Here is our welcome song for the World Veterans Judo Championships in Cracow. The idea for the song came from this year's European Veterans Judo Championships. There, together with Charly Mo from Austria (Charly Moser), the author of the song, we started the first preparations. Within a week the music and lyrics were written and then the video clip was done. Today we present the whole song to the public. We hope you like the song and we hope to see you in Cracow.

Here are the lyrics:

"Together we are strong" Music & lyrics by Charly Mo.
Mariusz Winnicki
Music & Lyrics by Charly Mo
Mix and Master by Dieter Libuda (Austria)

Welcome here to the Judo Competition
Welcome here in our veteran sacred world. ( let's fight…)
Come fly with me to the judo competition
The veteran judo world competition in Cracow is here
Together we are strong this is our inspiration
There is nothing wrong let ́s fight and we stay young
Come on and let's go to Cracow. To our Polish friends
We stay strong in this sacred judo world
Let's fight stay strong and be young
Let's fight judo competition
Let's fight with our Polish friends
Let's fight Welcome to Cracow
Let's fight in a sacred world
Let's fight. Judo is my life
We stay strong in this sacred judo world
We are the warriors of peace we live a life of dream
Humility and respect. Everything we believe
Come on let ́s go to Cracow to our Polish friends
We stay strong in this sacred judo world.