JEWISH QUARTER (Walk around the Kazimierz District)

Take a trip around the Kazimierz District! 

An unusual trip – as the locals say – to Kazimierz is an opportunity to see the beauty of the Jewish district, fraught with quaint narrow streets, tenement houses and coffee shops, where people from around the world meet every day. The story of “the city inside the city” reports the historic events the Jewish residents of the Kazimierz district and of the city of Krakow had to face.

During the guided walk, you will be shown the lively everyday reality of the “unfinished city” and told the story of the heroes of the Kazimierz district commemorating their experience. The itinerary of the guided walk includes exploration of historic tenements houses, artistic coffee shops, Jewish synagogues (for example the Old Synagogue, the Tempel Synagogue and the Izaak Jakubowicz Synagogue) and a visit to the New Jewish Cemetery. Finally, the group will go to the Podgórze district on the other side of Vistula, where they will learn about the history of the Krakow Ghetto – for example about former Enamel Factory of Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of hundreds of Poles and Jews during the Nazi extermination.

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