Agglorex tatami. Where experience meets Masters.

20 lipca 2022

Agglorex is a proud brand name for premium judo mats which are a reference in the martial arts world worldwide. For more than 40 years the Agglorex Martial Arts Mats have been manufactured in accordance with the European judo standard EN 12503-3 and the tatami regulations of the International Judo Federation. Our mats are officially homologated in function of this EN-standard and every year our mats are checked and certified by the International Judo Federation.

These permanent controls allow us to use our mats for the I.J.F.’s most important competitions, including Olympic Games, various European and World Championships, Grand Slams and Grand Prix. In 2022, our mats will be present at the World Championships for Katas and Veterans in Kraków, Poland, the European Championships for Seniors in Bulgaria, the Grand Slam in Georgia, the African Games in Kenya and the Commonwealth Games in the UK.

The focus of these checks is on safety, hygiene, comfort and easy-to-install. Year after year, our approved mats achieve the maximum scores in every part of the controls in terms of shock absorption, energy restitution, dimension tolerances, antiskid values. In addition, we have built decades of tradition and expertise that should be a guarantee for the dojo owner and tournament organizers when purchasing Agglorex Martial Arts Mats.

Each component of our mats meets the quality, safety and health standards prevalent in the market. All the components of the Agglorex Martial Arts Mats, such as the vinyl, the foam core and the anti-skid, are compliant and meet the REACH requirements whereby toxicity and health issues are guaranteed to be excluded.

It may be clear that besides a correct value for money, scoring ippons on a safe, hygienic and comfortable mat is central and essential for our factory!