28 lipca 2022
Transport and tours only with SeeKrakow!
We know that travelling can be difficult to plan. Therefore, we have a great offer for you! We organise tours, transfers and can help you to plan your trips as well. We have a large offer that will meet your needs. As an experienced travel company, we can take you on an organised tour or […]
20 lipca 2022
Agglorex tatami. Where experience meets Masters.
Agglorex is a proud brand name for premium judo mats which are a reference in the martial arts world worldwide. For more than 40 years the Agglorex Martial Arts Mats have been manufactured in accordance with the European judo standard EN 12503-3 and the tatami regulations of the International Judo Federation. Our mats are officially […]
11 lipca 2022
Mats Layout for Judo Kata World Championships.
Hello World of Kata!We know that precision and detail are the domain of Kata competitions and the mat layout itself is a very important element in preparation. During the World Judo Kata Championships in Cracow, the following mat layout will be used.Good luck with your training!
08 marca 2022
Judo Kata World Championships logo and a short history of its creation:
From the very beginning we wanted to put in the logo of the World Veterans Championships an element associated with Cracow. One such symbol is a peacock feather. The feather is a decoration on the cap of Cracow’s folk costume. The logo underwent several modifications on the basis of the project until it achieved its […]
08 marca 2022
Check out the medals for this year’s edition!
We hereby present the designs for the medals you will be competing for in Krakow 2022.As athletes we know that a very important element of the sports competition is the award. Especially for you we have created this unique medal that will remind you of your success for years. Parameters of the medal:Material: zinc alloySize: […]
24 stycznia 2022
Say Hello To Our Tournament Mascot!
Here we present the official mascot of the World Championships in Cracow. It is the Wawel Dragon. The dragon is one of the symbols of Cracow and there is a legend connected to it: Long, long ago, when the Polish lands were ruled by King Krak, a dragon appeared in Cracow. The dragon lived in […]