TAURON Arena Krakow is the biggest in Poland and one of the most modern in the world hall entertainment and sports venue. It is located only 4 km from the Main Square, in the picturesque surrounding of the Polish Aviators Park. It is also very well connected with the rest of the city. Our compound consists of two halls – a large one and a small one. The main hall is primarily a huge arena. Three levels of audience theatre, seating or standing on the court, the facility to freely configure the auditorium are the features that will meet the organisation requirements of any scale events. In convenient backstage amenities for athletes and performers, expanded multimedia systems, as well as good acoustics of the venue have already convinced many of those planning future events in Krakow.     It is difficult to miss this venue while visiting Krakow. The attention is attracted by an unprecedented LED screen on the building elevation surrounding the external construction of the main hall of the length of more than 500 meters.

The small hall it is the part of the multi functional venue TAURON Arena Kraków and will be a heart of our event.

Floor for VETERANS World Championships

  • 3 Tatamis.
  • Tatami size: 8m x 8m fighting area with 3m safety area around and 4m between.
  • Agglorex IJF mats, size 200cm x 100cm x 5cm, Standard quality 230kg/m3.
  • Preparation zone before Judogi Control. At this place athletes will get baskets to keep their personals items during fight.
  • Judogi Control with streaming preview and contest order, plus communication system with warming up area to call athletes for judogi control.
  • Legal Judogi Zone: place after judogi control to wait for fight (at this zone reserve judogi available.)
  • Exit for fights: small gate with backdrop with sponsor logos, standby place, two people for flow management.
  • Warming Up Area, two people as supervisors who menage the organization at the place.
  • Cinema with live streaming for athletes, two stations with contest order, 2 stations for Coach Assistant.
  • Medical tables, two tables, one of each side of venue
  • No direct access from stands to competition floor.

​Floor for KATA World Championships

The small hall it is the part of the multifunctional venue TAURON Arena Kraków

  • the hall has a wooden floor protected by the polyurethane resin coating
  • 3 Tatamis Tatami size:  8m x 8m fighting area with 2m safety area around and 2m between
  • 304 seats on the tribunes (with option of placing chairs on the court opposite the tribunes)
  • score board of 22 m² – may also be used to broadcast presentations and advertising spots
  • huge support area: four big sport changing rooms (equipped with the lockers, toilets, showers), support rooms, four coach rooms
  • Medical tables, two tables, one of each side of venue
  • No direct access from stands to competition floor
  • 3 Warming Up Areas two people as supervisors who manage the organization at the place